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I must live in the open

I can’t find a job right now 😑

It’s because I don’t have enough stuff in the open. I have worked on closed source software, and my freelance work consists of a highly specific app, my website, my wife’s, and uncompleted projects. It’s almost like I have been living in the dark for the past 5 years of my life.

I don’t blame people for not hiring me. I only have one year out of college so I am in this weird not a new grad and not a senior engineer spot.

What really sucks is I live in the dark. No one follows me on Twitter, no one sees what I am creating, and my tribe is extremely small. So even though my friends have been super helpful I am still in this rut.

I am going to change that. To have an internet tribe I will be

  • Posting thoughts and how-tos here on Medium and over on
  • Showcasing my work on for simple things and for complex things
  • Sharing my work on Twitter

If you made it this far. I am impressed. I bet this article sucks but my verbal communication is something else I am going to be working on. So hang tight brother.

This week I will be making working on

  • Creating an article about Vercel serverless functions
  • Creating 3 Codepens (1 redesign, 1 Lottie animation, and 1 random)

Mark my words. I will be editing this article with what I create below.

For a better future,

Update 1:

Here are the resulting codepens, planning to continue learning more about animation on codepen.

Update 2: I got a job. Get ready for some follow up on what I learned and the details




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Joshua Wootonn

Joshua Wootonn

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